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2024/6/12 15:04:05


The allure of trading signals is strong in the day trading community, offering the promise of profitable trades without the need for deep market analysis. However, a prevailing view among traders, especially in forums like "Daytrading" on Reddit, suggests that signals fail to deliver positive results for the majority. This article examines the reasons behind this phenomenon, exploring industry trends, user feedback, and case studies to provide a detailed view without subjective interpretations.

The Nature of Trading Signals


Trading signals are suggestions for entering a trade on a specific asset at a particular time and price. These signals are often generated by experienced traders, algorithms, or a combination of both, and are delivered through various mediums including SMS, email, or directly through trading platforms.

Types of Signals

  • Manual Signals: Created by individual traders who analyze the market and suggest trades based on their expertise.

  • Automated Signals: Generated by algorithms that use historical data and patterns to predict market movements.

Challenges with Signals in Day Trading

Timeliness and Execution

  • Lag in Execution: The effectiveness of a trading signal is highly dependent on the speed of execution. In the fast-paced world of day trading, even a slight delay can render a signal useless as market conditions may have already changed.

  • Market Volatility: Day trading typically involves highly volatile markets where conditions change rapidly, often making the signals outdated by the time they are received.

Dependency and Skill Development

  • Over-reliance on Signals: Many traders rely heavily on signals, neglecting to develop their own trading skills. This dependency can lead to poor decision-making in situations where traders need to act without signals.

  • Lack of Market Understanding: Signals provide no insight into their underlying rationale. Traders who do not understand why a signal works may not know when it is likely to fail.

Industry Trends

Signal Providers’ Market

  • Proliferation of Providers: The rise of digital platforms has led to an increase in the number of signal providers. However, not all providers are transparent or reliable.

  • Regulatory Challenges: There is a lack of regulation concerning the verification of the results provided by signal services, making it difficult for traders to identify trustworthy sources.

Technological Advancements

  • Improvement in Automated Trading Systems: Although technology has enhanced the accuracy of automated signals, these improvements often cater to long-term trends rather than the short-term fluctuations relevant to day trading.

User Feedback and Case Studies

Negative Experiences

  • Consistency of Performance: Feedback from communities such as Reddit's "Daytrading" suggests that consistency in signal performance is a major issue, with many traders experiencing sporadic success rates.

  • Case Study Example: A survey conducted among members of an online trading forum showed that 99% of respondents found signals unprofitable over a long period. They cited timing issues, cost of services, and misleading marketing as primary concerns.

Positive Experiences

  • Selective Success: While the majority report dissatisfaction, a small percentage of traders do find success with signals. These traders often have advanced knowledge of market analysis, allowing them to wisely select and execute on signals.


While trading signals can be a useful tool for some day traders, the overwhelming evidence suggests that they do not work for the vast majority. The reasons include issues with timeliness, over-reliance, and a general lack of transparency and regulation in the signal provider market. For most day traders, particularly those who are new or lack deep market knowledge, relying on signals could lead to significant financial losses rather than gains. Therefore, developing independent trading skills and a thorough understanding of the markets remains crucial for success in day trading.

For a deeper dive into personal experiences and detailed discussions, visit the Daytrading subreddit at: Reddit - Daytrading.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive and objective look at the use and effectiveness of trading signals in the day trading community, helping traders make informed decisions based on a wide range of data and real-world experiences.

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